Wednesday, October 1, 2008

USPP Road Closures for the 24th Annual Army Ten Miler

Please review the times and locations of road closures to be initiated by the United States Park Police on Sunday, October 5, 2008 for the Army Ten miler. All closure times are subject to change and reopening will be at the determination of the incident commander. All USPP road closures are expected to be completed and reopened by 11:00 am.

George Washington Parkway and Boundary Channel southbound ramps to Rt. 27 - 6:00 am
Memorial Bridge - 7:20 am
Constitution Ave from 23 rd to 17th Street - 7:20 am
17th Street from Constitution Ave to Independence Ave - 7:20 am
15th Street from Constitution Ave to Maine Ave - 7:20 am
Madison Drive from 7th - 14th Street - 6:00 am
Jefferson Drive from 15th - 7th Street - 6:00 am
Independence Ave from 23rd Street to 14th Street - 7:20 am
Rock Creek Parkway from Virginia Ave to Ohio Drive - 7:20 am
Ohio Drive from Inlet Bridge to 23rd Street - 6:00 am

For more information regarding the Army Ten-Miler please visit the official website at