Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fatal Pedestrian Crash Baltimore Washington Parkway

The United States Park Police is investigating a fatal pedestrian crash on the Baltimore Washington Parkway.

Shortly after 1:00 am on October 10, 2009, a pedestrian was struck by multiple vehicles on the ramp from southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway to westbound New York Avenue, which leads to Northeast Washington, DC.

The victim in this crash is an Hispanic male in his mid thirties. He is about 5’ to 5’3” tall and weighs about 125 pounds. At the time of this crash, the victim was wearing a white t shirt with blue crossed ax images and the wording “Semper Paratus” beneath as the front image. On the back is a smaller image of the same blue crossed axes and the wording “Royal Ruthlessness.”

This pedestrian was struck by multiple vehicles, which remained on the scene.

Because of the complexity of this crash reconstruction, the United States Park Police Criminal Investigators would like to talk to any person who may have seen the victim or scene.

Further, the victim possessed documents which may indicate he was of Guatemalan origin, however, there are conflicting issues which have precluded a positive identification. Should anyone know the identity of this victim, we ask that they contact the United States Park Police.

Anyone with information about this incident, please call the United States Park Police, Criminal Investigations Branch on (202) 610-8737.

We will be able to translate information provided in languages other than English.

Below are images of the shirt the victim was wearing: