Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Unusual Crash Near Arlington Cemetary

A taxi driving on Memorial Avenue near Arlington National Cemetary lost control on wet pavement, jumped a curb, crossed a sidewalk and struck the concrete rail of the bridge that takes Memorial Avenue over the southbound George Washington Parkway.

When the taxi struck the railing, it knocked out about ten of the concrete vertical posts and pushed them off the bridge. These heavy concrete pieces crashed to the Parkway below; fortunately they did not strike any cars. This is a drop of about twenty five feet.

The concrete railing remained intact, however it was not secure enough to allow traffic to flow below.

Traffic has been diverted on the southbound George Washington Parkway to Theodore Roosevelt Bridge until National Park Service personnel can stabilize this heavy concrete rail.

Besides the rail damage and damage to the taxi, one vehicle below struck a large piece and sustained undercarriage damage.

No one was hurt.