Saturday, November 12, 2011

US Park Police Seek Vehicle For Serious Hit And Run Pedestrian Struck

The United States Park Police is seeking a vehicle wanted for a serious hit and run of a pedestrian on the Baltimore Washington Parkway.

This hit and run happened on November 12, 2011 shortly after 4:00 am northbound Baltimore Washington Parkway south of Maryland Route 410 which is also known as Riverdale Road.

The victim, a 27 year old female from Baltimore, MD, was transported to a local hospital with severe head and neck injuries. This woman was outside of her disabled car when she was was hit by a white or silver minivan or utility van. This van is described as having no rear windows on back doors or flat rear panel. Damage is on the right passenger side of vehicle and may have side view mirror damage. It was last seen travelling northbound on Baltimore Washington Parkway in the area of MD Rt. 410.

Anyone with information about this crash is asked to call the US Park Police Criminal Investigations Tip Line at (202) 610-8737.