Wednesday, July 25, 2012

U.S. Park Police New York Field Office Marine Unit Saves Boater

On 7/24/12 at approximately 11:41 am, The U.S. Park Police (USPP) received notification from a Statue of Liberty ferry that a vessel capsized in the channel south of the Liberty Island main dock. U.S. Park Police Officers T. Hasset and C. Murphy assigned to Marine-7 responded to the scene. Upon arrival they found a 36 year old male wearing a life jacket and clinging onto his capsized 15 foot Laser sail boat. He was the only person onboard the vessel when it capsized. The operator of the vessel was complaining of stomach, and chest pains at the time Marine-7 arrived. The subject was brought onto Marine -7 by the USPP Officers Hasset and Murphy and transported to the Liberty Island dock where he was checked by National Park Service EMT’s. The subject was physically exhausted from attempting to right his vessel during the windy conditions, and stated that he was in the water for approximately 40 minutes. After a short period of rest the subject recovered. Great team work by the U.S. Park Police and NPS!