Friday, May 8, 2009

San Francisco Personnel Receive Lifesaving Award

Park Police Chief Salvatore Lauro presented the United States Park Police Lifesaving Award to San Francisco Field Office personnel.

On February 19, 2009, Officer Scott Huther observed a vehicle stopped in the right lane of Highway 101 on the Golden Gate Bridge. The driver had exited the car and climbed over the guard rail and the pedestrian rail apparently intending to jump. Officer Huther followed the woman onto the walkway calling to her not to jump. The woman climbed over the guard rail to the outer girders and said that if Officer Huther came any closer, she would jump. Officer Huther continued to talk to the woman, attempting to calm her.

Sergeant Todd Roth, a Crisis Negotiator, arrived to assist Officer Huther. Sergeant Roth established a rapport with the woman and moved to a position near her to continue the dialogue. After thirty minutes, Sergeant Roth persuaded the woman back over the guard rail where trained bridge crewmen, secured with safety tethers, grabbed her and pulled her to safety.

Officer Huther and Sergeant Roth demonstrated alertness, highly effective communication skills, and split-second timing to prevent a tragic loss of life