Saturday, May 9, 2009

Successful Search Potomac River

Saturday May 9, 2009 United States Park Police patrolling the George Washington Memorial Parkway were approached by two hikers stating that their hiking companion was separated from them and may be lost in the Potomac River in the area of Gulf Branch. These two hikers had scaled a cliff in the area of the Potomac Overlooks along the Parkway.

Lt. Libby, the US Park Police Officer originally contacted, implemented a multi agency search involving the United States Park Police, the DC Fire Department, the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department, and the Arlington County Fire Department.

Resources including marine and aviation assets commenced a search of the Potomac and the shoreline from the original location south to the area of Key Bridge.

After extensive searching, the United States Park Police officers along the Potomac shoreline located the missing person, a 60 year old visiting resident from Australia.

It was determined that this was in fact the missing person. He had not entered the Potomac River. He suffered from minor bruises and scrapes from his efforts to exit the area by climbing a cliff. He refused medical treatment and is expected to recover well.