Sunday, May 2, 2010

Water Rescue Training

Professional athletes claim that the way they train is the way they play.

It is no different for First Responders.

The United States Park Police Aviation staff trains on an ongoing basis with partners from the agencies we work with daily.

On May 2, 2010, the District of Columbia Fire Department, Washington, DC Police Department Harbor Patrol, and the US Park Police Aviation conducted water rescue training in the Anacostia River.

For this drill, a vehicle was submerged upside down with people trapped, and another victim floating away.

The Police and Fire boats responded and deployed divers for the rescue. US Park Police Aviation arrived to hoist a victim from the waters.

The Aviation staff made a sucessful recovery with a hoist operation into the aircraft.

United States Park Police Aviation has a long history of difficult rescues resolved well. These pilots and paramedics have rightfully received significant recognition for these operations.

They play the way they train.

This training session was done on a hot and steamy morning. The EMS providers will tell us that proper hydration is critical to good health. That includes our canine partners with the DC Fire Department Search and Rescue Unit!