Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family Reunification

Nothing is more frightening than being separated from your child, especially at a busy shopping mall or a large event such as the Independence Day festivities on the National Mall.

The United States Park Police reunites many children each year after the many big events we patrol. We try to make the reunification as fast and seamless as we can.

You can help us.

One of the best aids we can have is a current photo of your child. This photo can be disseminated to our officers and the media to help find the missing child. Often we find the parents don’t have a recent photo or one that gives us the best details.

Please help us find your child.

Many of us have cell phones and other handheld electronics that can take, store, and send pictures. Please take a close up photo of your child’s face. Use the highest resolution possible and avoid distracting backgrounds.

Also, before you set out for a long day in a big group, take a photo of your child showing what he or she is wearing that day. Accurate clothing descriptions can help in finding your child.

If the police need to help you find your child, you will be able to transfer those photos to us so we can push that data out quickly.

If you take the photos with a cell phone, please strip geotag metadata from the image to protect your privacy and your child’s.