Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Major Jason Wu Commander, SFFO Retires

Photo from left to right Captain Wasserman, Lt. Smith, Major Wu and GGNRA Superintendent Frank Dean

Major Wu was Hired on Dec 29, 1988 and assigned to the San Francisco Field Office (SFFO). He was assigned to Patrol, foot beat, trailbike and plain clothes patrol. A glimpse of Major Wu's career includes the following accomplishments:
  • 1991, Wu attended the first DOI sponsored US Army Ranger School in Fort Bennings, GA he also served as a SETT Member
  • 1991, Received the CHP 10851 Award for Vehicle Theft Recovery with 18 arrests
  • 1991, Off Duty Arrest of suspects involved in a stolen vehicle and APO. Received SFPD Commendation
  • 1992, assigned to the Narcotics Unit. Asset Forfeiture and cultivated informants. Worked joint cases with SFPD
  • 1992, selected as one of the first two D.A.R.E. Officers for the SFFO. Taught DARE for 3 years at alma mater - West Portal Elementary School
  • 1993, assigned to SF CIB as Investigator. Worked many joint investigations with Marin, SF, and San Mateo Co.
  • 1993, served as the sole interpreter for the 200+ illegal aliens (from China) who were captured and temporary held at Ft. Point NHS as they were off -loaded at the Ft. Point Fishing Pier. Received Chief's Certificate
  • 1996, promoted to the rank of Detective. Continued to work notable cases including the stabbing of an Assistant US Attorney, and interstate investigation of homicide suspect. Trained as Hostage Negotiator
  • 2000, promoted to Sergeant
  • 2004, promoted to Lieutenant - Ops Commander - oversaw Patrol, K-9, CIB, ID, HPM, SETT, and Motors. Motor certified
  • 2006, promoted to Captain - PWR/RLES. During this year, investigated 1/3 of the entire NPS Internal Affairs Investigations (non-USPP)
  • 2007, reassigned to SFFO Asst. Commander. Conceived and co-developed the Joint Law Enforcement Plan for SFFO and GOGA LE Rangers
  • 2009, promoted to Major following 6 months as Acting SFFO Commander
  • 2013, graduated from the FBI National Academy
Major Jason Wu retired on January 11, 2014 as Commander, SFFO. He plans to embark on a new career in the private sector in addition to enjoying time with his wife Jennifer and children Caitlin, Brandon, Carli, and Justin