Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Park Police Canine Team Attends Humane Society Event

Left to right: Fresh FM's Tommy McFly, his pal "Chip," U.S. Park Police Canine "Jersey," and Officer Jerre Psak.
United States Park Police Officer Jerre Psak and her dog, "Jersey," were invited to attend the Washington Humane Society's Sugar and Champagne Affair on February 5th.

Sugar and Champagne is the Washington Humane Society's annual dessert and champagne reception honoring local crusaders against animal cruelty – Washington Humane Society's humane law enforcement officers, animal care and control officers, and humane educators.

"I met some lovely people from Washington Humane Society and all walks of life who share one thing in common, the love of animals," said Psak.

While networking with animal control investigators, Psak further noted that it gave her "the opportunity to thank them for what they do to help us with our animal and wildlife cases."

As a canine handler, Psak is well aware of the bond that can be forged between animals and humans and is passionate about educating others on ownership and care.

The Washington Humane Society's assistance is often called upon to assist United States Park Police officers with a variety of animal/wildlife cases, such as dogs at large in parks, animals found confined in vehicles or RV's, and even in rare cases where animals need a temporary safe haven when their owners are involved in a crash, an arrest, or some other unfortunate circumstance within the Park System.

"Jersey" was noted to have a great time – "not only did she overindulge in treats, she got tons of attention from everyone, something she enjoys almost as much as doing police work."

Sugar and Champagne provided a wonderful opportunity for the United States Park Police to show its support and appreciation for the Washington Humane Society's law enforcement officers, animal care and control officers, and humane educators.