Monday, June 3, 2013

United States Park Police Seeking Information

The United States Park Police Criminal Investigations Branch is seeking information regarding the individuals in the above photograph. On Saturday, January 19, 2013 at approximately 1000 hours, the victim in this case parked in the north parking lot of Carderock Park. The victim later noticed that her purse was missing from the vehicle. There were no obvious signs of forced entry into the vehicle, and no latent fingerprints were recovered. Credit cards and personal checks were taken from the vehicle. The checks were cashed at a drive through teller, Capital One Bank Minstrel Crossing, located in Columbia, Maryland. The photo above was captured at that bank location in Columbia, Maryland. The subjects shown in this photograph, a white male in the driver’s seat, and a white female in the passenger seat, are wanted for questioning regarding the theft from auto, uttering, and identity theft.

If anyone comes in contact with the individual in this photograph, or if anyone recognizes the individual in the above photograph, please document the contact thoroughly and identify the subject, and reference USPP Case #13-00028, and please contact Detective Monique Pettett 202-610-8739 or the USPP Tip Line at 202-610-8737.